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The ONLY kit where everything FITS

Our TCE 7 Ply Quadralock® seams are closely corrugated for strength and flexibility and knurled to insure a 100% leakproof, airtight, unbreakable lock. Our stainless steel or aluminim liners are used for natural appliances which vent oil, wood, propane, natural gas, etc. Warnock Hersey listed to U.L 1777/441/641 U.L.C. S-635/S-640.

Advantages: 10 hills and valleys of corrugated stainless steel provide much greater flexibility than the competition's 5 hills.

Specifications: Our ChimneyFLEXible® stainless steel liners are constructed using 316 titanium which limits any rust corrosion while resisting up to 2500°F of heat.

All kits come with an instruction manual, warranty certificate, maintenance record card and S.S. Hex Screws.


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