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For sealing joints and seams of heating & ventilation ductwork.

Over 1,000,000 gallons used / over 30,000 projects realized worldwide



Below freezing application:

  • - Each gallon is tested to U.L.I 723 & U.L.C S-102 standards
  • - Will always remain flexible - 100% elongation once cured
  • - Will adhere to most dirty surfaces without conventional cleaning measures
  • - Will resist up to 25" static pressure

No need to seal male and female joints; only the outside of the joined connection.


No dangerous smell causing: oxygen starvation, increased pulsation & eliminates headaches

W.H.I.M.I.S approved as 100% safe

  • - Color: Standard galvanized grey
  • -Will not flash or burn in the Wet or Dry state
  • - Does not require special storage
  • - Special precaution not necesssary; no fear of explosions

For exposed ductwork, we can manufacture to your color specifications


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